The Best Way to Cook While Camping

Why a portable stove is the best way to cook while backpacking.
After a long day of hiking, you finally get to the campsite you will be using for the night. You spend time setting up your tent or your hammock so the next thing you need to do is cook dinner. You could expend more energy by gathering firewood but that could take a while and at this point, you are exhausted and hungry. That is why we recommend using a portable stove when backpacking or camping. A portable camping stove is convenient, offers flexibility, and is small and lightweight. 


Our Portable Mini Foldable Stove is the best way to cook while camping! It is only $19.99 and if you scroll to the bottom, we have a special discount on it for you!


Using a portable stove is super convenient. It requires very little setup and you can get cooking in less than a minute. All you have to do is take a portable gas cartridge (we, unfortunately, cannot sell this product, but you can find it at your local sporting goods store) and screw the portable stove into it. After that, you will switch on the value and then use a match to light a fire! 
See how easy it is! Now imagine how long it would take you to build a campfire. Using a portable camping stove will save you a lot of time and energy and allow you to get eating quicker. 



One of the best things about a portable stove is that it offers you flexibility in how you cook. The main two ways to cook using a portable stove is by cooking on a pan or boiling water to put into packaged dehydrated meals. If you were to purchase a Jet Boil for your trip, that would allow you to quickly boil water, but it does not give you the flexibility to cook using a pan. The portable stove allows you to do both! If you want to boil water for your morning coffee, you easily can or if you want to use a pan to cook pancakes you can do that as well! Pair this flexibility with the convenience of the portable stove and this product just keeps getting better!




One of the other nice things about a portable stove is the size and weight. Our Portable Mini Foldable Stove folds up into a small case which makes it easy to carry in your backpack. It is smaller and lighter than carting around a Jet Boil. It is also easier to clean up since all you do it unscrew it, fold it up, and then put it in its case.
If you are planning a camping trip soon, purchase our Portable Mini Foldable Stove and see for yourself why it is the best way to cook while camping!


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