How to Build Your Own First Aid Kit!

Do you want to know how to build your own First Aid Kit?

You never know when a common injury or an emergency will occur. A well-stocked first Aid Kit will help you respond effectively to any situation. It is recommended that you keep a well-stocked first aid kit in your home and in your car. Store your kit someplace easy to get to and out of the reach of young children. You can purchase a pre-assembled first aid kit from a drug store or from Walmart but that is boring! But if you want to by a pre-made first aid kit just head on over to our site and buy one of our pre-filled first aid kits! However, it is way more fun to assemble your own plus you get to add items that you want and that are specific to your needs!




Here is how to assemble your own first aid kit!

  1. Purchase our Outdoor First Aid Kit Case for $19.99 (scroll to the end of this article to get a coupon for it!) **NOTE: It is just the case and suppliers are not included
  2. Create your own First Aid Kit Checklist. Fill this list with the necessary items for a first aid kit plus items that you feel you will need or you want! Below is a list of the necessary items for a first aid kit plus ideas for other items to add:



  1. Once you create a checklist, you will have to go out and purchase these items. Walmart is a great place to start to fill your first aid kit with basic items, but other items may have to be purchased at other stores or online at our store!
  2. Fill your recently purchased Outdoor First Aid Kit Case with all the supplies that you gathered!
  3. We also highly recommend filling your first aid kit with Emergency phone numbers, including contact information for your family doctor and pediatrician, local emergency services, emergency road service providers, and the poison help line. You should also add Medical consent forms for each family member and medical history forms for each family member! This information will allow strangers or friends to use your first aid kit to help you if you are in need.
  4. Take a picture of your awesome custom made first aid kit and share it with all your friends on social media! (Make sure to tag us!)
  5. Find the perfect place to store your newly made first aid kit!

CONGRATS! You have finished building your own First Aid Kit! Now you will be ready for any situation that arises!


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