Keeping A Survival Kit Handy

Keeping A Survival Kit Handy
 You never know when something can go wrong and you will need a survival kit! There are several benefits to keeping an emergency kit around, plus read further to check out our special deal!
Our business is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and back in 2014 we encountered the “Snowpocalypse.” The Atlanta Snowpocalypse was a giant snow storm that crippled the entire city of Atlanta. Thousands of people found themselves stranded in their cars on the freeways and roads far away from home and most of these people were not prepared for this emergency. Temperatures dropped below freezing, the sun went down, and drivers ran out of gas to power their car. 
This is just one example of an emergency situation that thousands of people did not see coming. Most of the people stranded were not prepared and suffered. Here at Resourceful Outdoor we want to ensure that you are prepared for a situation like this.
It is situations like these that prove that you should have some sort of survival kit or plan in place in case of emergency. That is where our Survival Kit comes in handy! Our Survival Kit includes 7 tools that fit into a compact case. Simply purchase our Survival Kit and store the in your car for an emergency that may arise. The 7 tools and pieces are:
  1. Emergency Blanket: This emergency blanket will keep you warm in case the temperature drops and you are not prepared.
  2. Multitool with Flashlight: This multitool includes a screwdriver, knife, and pliers. Additionally, it has a flashlight that will help you see when it gets dark and you are stranded.
  3. Whistle: A whistle will allow you to signal for help. This can come in handy if there is a medical emergency and your phone has died.
  4. Saber Card: This car has several different tools such as a saw or ruler.
  5. Wire Saw: Helps you cut wood or things if need be in an emergency situation.
  6. Compass: To help you navigate home or back to your car in case your phone dies.
  7. Hard Compact Case: This case helps keep all of these products organized and protected so they are easily accessible in an emergency situation.
These tools are important to have in an emergency situation. If another situation such as the Snowpocalypse was to occur, anyone that would have this survival kit would be prepared for the situation. Having a kit like this in your car or in your home will offer you peace of mind!
Additionally, our Hand Crank Phone Charger is also a great tool to keep handy in case of an emergency! If you are without power, this simple tool will allow you to charge your phone and stay in touch with family or give you the ability to call emergency personnel.
Purchase your Survival Kit today and be prepared for any emergency situation!
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