Why our Desert & Fox 4 Person Tent is the Perfect Camping Tent

Are you planning a camping trip and trying to pick out the perfect tent? Do you also want a discount for that tent?
We know tent shopping can be stressful because there are plenty of tents on the market. Below are several things you should look for when purchasing your next tent! Also, at the end of the article, there is a discount code for our Desert & Fox 4 Person Tent
How big should my tent be?
If you aren’t planning to backpack or canoe camp, then you do not need to worry about the weight of your tent. Tent capacity is based on the square footage and how many standard sleeping bags will fit in it. If there are two people camping, you maybe be looking at a two-person tent. If this is what you are leaning towards, be aware that there is really only enough room for the two people and there will be no elbow room. This means that there is no room to keep your stuff in the tent. 
If you are planning a camping trip, we recommend a four-person tent. The main reason we recommend this size is because it offer the optimal amount of space. When we go camping and we have a large number of people, we put three to a tent and have multiple tents. This allows everyone in the group to be able to spread out a little. 
What tent features should I look for?
*A rain cover
*Double stitching
* Adequate guy lines
*Heavy Duty Zippers
*Noseeum Meshing
How do I prolong the life of my tent?
  1. NEVER store or eat in your tent! The smell will attract bugs and critters to your tent and some may tear it to get in. Additionally, never store food in your tent. You should always hang your food in a tree away from your tent.
  2. Try to remove any rocks under your tent before placing the tent on it. These rocks can cause damage to your tent by ripping the material.
  3. Once you get back from a camping trip, set up your tent in your yard to air it out and prevent any mold and mildew.
  4. Store your tent loosely in a dry ventilated area. Your tent bag should only be used when transporting the tent!
Here at Resourceful Outdoor, we want to ensure that you buy the perfect tent for your next adventure. That is why we are proud to offer our Desert & Fox 4 Person Tent! This tent meets all the criteria above. It also has a sun shelter that protects against rain, sun, and snow! Our Desert & Fox 4 Person Tent comes in blue, green, and olive colors! It is one of the best camping tents you will find! 

p.s. Here is the discount code we promised! 15% OFF just use the code YLL22!


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